What are people saying?

By: Ron Kohlenberg (Hein Electric Supplies Company)

Mr. Ron Kohlenberg “CEO”


            Want to thank you once again for helping make our golf outing a success. Traveling a total of 28 customers and vendors from Wisconsin to Orlando was the easy part! Keeping them entertained and engaged was what I considered to be the more significant challenge. Both you and your lovely wife did a great job keeping my group engaged and entertained. Not only did my guests enjoy watching your wife do the final roll on cigars but they learned how cigars were made and the time involved in creating cigars. I think one of the best parts of the evening was when you let a few of the guys actually do the final wrap. They, as well as those watching, really could appreciate the skill involved. I would recommend your company to any group that wants to have a good time, learn about cigars, and walk away smoking a great cigar. 

 Thank you for helping make our golf trip a memorable success.

 Ron Kohlenberg